Last weekend, we, the Kops Method team, broadened our expertise in yet another target group – children between 6 – 12 years of age.

During these years a child is taking on increased amount of responsibility and is developing important attitudes towards life. These affect the quality of the current and future relationships, as well as the life direction of a child. Combined with a lack of parental awareness of these principles, these years may lead to states such as escapism, various addictions, dissatisfaction and frustrations.

Do you want to give the best to your child? It is very difficult to do so without an access to the child’s inner world and its perception.

Children are often unable to communicate their inner world clearly, even to their own caregivers. No wonder. Even for adults this is often very problematic. Fortunately, we have the Kops method, which gives us a precise insight into the hidden world of a child. We can make necessary corrections when and where the malignant behavioral patterns are starting to form. This way, we contribute to a harmonious development of a child in accordance with his or her own nature.

And although we cannot always give children everything they want, we can teach them that they still have plenty of opportunities. Let us give your children a life perspective filled with possibilities and fulfilled wishes.