Kops Method® FOR CHILDREN – what can it help with?

  • It quickly diagnoses what is going on inside the child.
  • It helps to deal with problems at school or at home.
  • At early stages, it discovers and addresses potential or already existing tendencies to addictions of any kind.
  • If you struggle with your child’s upbringing, you can make sure that you are not passing your own unaddressed trauma onto the child.
  • It can help to make your child ready for a planned life change (divorce, re-settling etc.)
  • You see that your child is tormented or troubled but he/she either does not want or is not able to confide to you.
  • It helps to deal with problems with trauma, abuse etc.
  • You will improve mutual communication .
  • You will better understand your child’s inner world.
  • You want to change your mindset and attitude towards the upbringing of your child.

During the session with the Kops Method® expert, the child draws, paints, talks and is lead through a process, which has its unique methodology. Along this process, the diagnostics and outcomes for parents arise.

The child understands the whole process, has a good feeling from it, and sees that full attention is given to him/her. The child is not left out even during the outcomes session with the parent.