Become Kops Method® Therapist

Do you have a passion to help children and adults?

Let’s get to know the latest knowledge and methods now! Just be the best in your profession.

Kops Method® Academy


Projective-diagnostic method

Thanks to a clear methodic structure, you can find concrete causes for the behavior of children and adults


Therapeutic effect coming during the process

The methodical structured process has a quick therapeutic effect to your client


Gives you individual solution step by step

The diagnosis of the causes will help your clients effectively with individual and concrete steps to solution

Kops Method® Academy

Do you have a real passion to help children and adults to achieve their personal happiness?

Are you so interested (that you can not sleep) to understand WHY children and adults behave in a certain way?

Would you like to have an effective tool with which you can help your clients improve their life in the shortest possible time?

Would you like to be one of the best in your profession?



GERMANY, Dortmund

5 Module = 14 Ausbildungstage (jeweils Freitag, Samstag und Sonntag)

  • 03.6. – 05.6.
  • 18.6. – on-line/ 01.7. – on-line
  • 02.7. – 03.7.
  • 22.7. – 24.7.
  • 14.8. – 15.8.
  • 09.9. – 11.9.




5 modules = 14 training days (each Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

  • 08.4. – 10.4.
  • 29.4. – 01.5.
  • 20.5. – 22.5.
  • 10.6. – 12.6.
  • 10.6. – 12.6.


  • max. 10 people in training
  • a personal experience with the Kops Method® before starting the training
  • exclusive lectures by the authors of the methodology

Detail information for the training in Kops Method® methodology

In training, we use behavioral, cognitive and associative teaching methods in particular. The training is based on practical exercises with a minimal need for memorizing. During the training you experience the roles of a therapist, child and adult clients and observers thereby gain a complex understanding of your clients. In the final exam, we take into account your individual access to the course, the skills acquired and their practical implementation. These factors are more important for a successful completion than the enumeration of data and terms.


  • Inner world of the child and its interactions with the outside worldInner world of the adult and his interactions with the outside worldPrinciples of intergenerational, habitual and personal transfers, uncovering their negative traces and the ways to correct themComplete methodology of the Kops Method® (instructions, diagnostics, solutions and instructions for the client)Relationships and communicationAttitudes and approaches to clients and working with themPractical exercises in instructions, diagnostics and solution recommendations for clientsWork with the individual communication typesSpecial complementary techniques


  • 14 days of experience-intensive, all-day training in the Kops Method® exclusively with the developers of the method (fruit, snacks and drinks included)DocumentsFinal examCertificate “Certified therapist in Kops Method®” after passing the final examClaim to use the Kops Method® trademarkLicense for the implementation of the methodology for the first 6 months after obtaining the certificate (the license can be renewed annually)Intensive self-developmentPersonal profile on the website Kops Method

    Ongoing consultation opportunities

    Ongoing support during and after the training period

    Possibility to attend annual Kops Method® team conferences

    Possibility of participating in annual supervision

    Excellent training opportunities


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