„Kops Method® is a gate on the road to the art of happy living.“

Kops Method® is a unique and complex method for children and adults, that is able to uncover, analyze and describe real cause of conditions and situations we currently find ourselves in. It is very quick and precise. The method presents immediate outputs and provides specific steps to a solution.

The method arose from our own need to solve a situation we did not feel comfortable with at the time and as a necessity to change the process of our thinking, comprehension and perception of things. Originally we didn’t intend to spread this method around the world, however, due to a great wave of interest we decided to take this step. Currently we train therapists in various countries, so this method can be closer to all who need its help.

Experience we gained on our journey when creating this method and particularly during its use has become fundamental for books we published and which are vey popular.

We are very happy that the method is very simple and works so well and we can offer it to you, too.

Kamila and Petr Kops

Authors of the Kops Method®

Kops Method® for Children

Kops Method® for children brings quick and effective help for parents and their children. The method diagnoses all sorts of problems and offers specific outline to solution. It reveals and solves causes in impaired communication. It is a unique tool for child’s world understanding, perception of problems and conflicts that he or she experiences but cannot express. Kops Method® for children is a great help for parents in many areas of daily life and can also help very efficiently and effectively with problems of hyperactivity and many symptoms of ADHD.

Kops Method® for Children is very valuable when solving current problems, but it can also significantly help as a prevention of future issues and conflicts. Already in preschoolers, the method can unveil tendencies towards various addictions in later life.

Kops Method® for Children is intended for infants from the age of 3. It is defined as a projective-diagnostic method. The child draws, talks to the therapist and is guided through a process with specific methodology. The process provides us with diagnosis and specific output for parents. Children understand the process and they enjoy it. They also see they are in the center of attention during the diagnosis and they are not left out during the talk with parents.

Kops Method® for Adults

Kops Method is not only for children, it also works brilliantly for adults who want to change their life attitude and approach. Mental programs transferred from generation to generation or based on a childhood trauma (usually up until 12 years of age) influence us concealingly throughout our entire life. Coming back to the specific time when traumas happened, we realize the mechanisms of their origin and not only our behavior starts to change but we ourselves start to change. Finally, the way to a happier life is clear.

Kops Method® for Couples

Kops Method for Couples is great to solve relationship discrepancies. It can uncover crisis points and their causes. It reveals disharmony and defects and offers space for contemplation: why, what’s next…

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